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2509, 2014

How to Build a DIY iPad Teleprompter

So, I needed a teleprompter for my studio because I moved to a smaller studio in my house, and I wanted to build a DIY teleprompter for my iPad. There were a lot of great resources online and a lot of […]

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1009, 2014

Creating video with a pure white background

Creating a video with a pure white background is one of the most difficult effects to achieve in video. It takes the perfect balance of lighting, lighting color temperature, camera settings, and much […]

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1908, 2014

Video Marketing and Types of Video to Produce

Let’s go over the different types of video that you can use in your video marketing efforts.First is the company profile video which shows who your company is, what you do, and what problems you solve […]

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407, 2014

Styles of Video for Your Video Marketing Efforts

So what are the styles of video that you should be using in your video marketing efforts? We’re going to go through a few of those right now.The first is a video blog. A video blog is a great way for […]

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